My New "Oscar11" Brush

I finally got an Oscar11 brush!

I have admired Steve’s brushes for some time now and finally got to add one to my Den.

It is a 24mmx50mm TGN Finest 2-Band Badger with a smoke grey transparent base and opaque black top in the M7 style.

It performs like a champ. I really like the 2-Band knot and the handle fits my hand like a glove.

Pre bloom.

Post bloom.

I had my second shave with it today.

Guys! I may have a problem! Just noticed a little skewness on old granddads’ Gillette butterfly. What do?

Guys! I may have a problem! Just noticed a little skewness on old granddads' Gillette butterfly. What do? submitted by Gregman
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T. Noonan & Co. "Modock Hone"

Snagged this on ebay yesterday, looks to be a natural stone but unsure, heres the info from the auction + pictures….cant find any info though anywhere. Figured it was worth the 42ish bucks I payed to take a chance though.

Box marked: MODOCK HONE; This Hone is without doubt the finest Hone ever offered to the public. Imported exclusively by T. NOONAN & COMPANY 38 PORTLAND ST., BOSTON; DIRECTIONS: Wet the Hone with water and then run well with the rubber before starting to hone each razor. DON’T USE SOAP OR OIL.

Measurements: 2 3/8" x 7" sharpening surface. Heavy brass base–1 pound 10 ounces

Anyone have any info?

Sadly the slurry stone is gone but no biggie! Cant wait to recieve it and see what I bought…

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Can I practice with these?

Can I practice with these, I bought two razors at a flea market and I want to practice setting a bevel and go up to shave ready. They are old and rusty so I don’t care if I ruin them in the process BUT I don’t want to ruin a rare antique razor! Info on them are (1) Geneva Cutlery Corp. Geneva N.Y. on the other side it says Special A (2) H. Boker & Co. Germany the other side says Red-Injun No. 102 R.P. Any info will be appreciated

Sun April 20th – Sat April 26th

Location: 36° 0’5"N – 115° 15′ 21"W
Razor: Wade & Butcher
Brush: Simpson Polo 10
Lather: Geo F Trumper : Rose
Astringent: Thayers Witch Hazel
Nourishing: Geo F Trumper : Coral Skin Food : Karl Lagerfeld
Scent: Karl Lagerfeld

A superb relaxing and very nice scented shave.

The new week is upon us Gents. Enjoy!

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